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Whether you’ve just moved house to a new area, or if it’s just time for a change, we’re guaranteed at some point to need our car to be fixed or serviced and will need to find a new mechanic to do the work reliably. But how do you pick the right one?

How to find a mechanic for your car

As car owners, we’re guaranteed to find ourselves in a situation where we will need our car to be fixed or serviced. With so many mechanics and workshops out there claiming to be the best, it’s difficult to know whether the person you are dealing with is completely honest and you’re getting the best job for your money.

Excellent customer service

It goes without saying that customer service is a sign of a good mechanic. Only the best auto shops will emphasize their abilities and provide great customer service. If the mechanic is talking to customers on the phone and face-to-face with respect and friendliness, then they undoubtedly care about and look after their customers.


It’s very important that the mechanic you choose is qualified and experienced enough to provide you with the services you require. Most mechanics will have a qualification that will be able to work on all cars, but a specialist on your type of car is what you want. Look for workshops that are specialists on certain manufacturer or type of car that you have. IE European car specialists, VW Experts, BMW Master Technicians, ETC…

Up-to-date technology

A mechanic using tools and equipment from the 80’s won’t be able to service and maintain your 2018 Mercedes Benz correctly. There’re many technologies available to assess your car correctly and the workshops need to continually update their computers and tooling.

A clean work area

Mechanics that take pride in their workspace and the cleanliness of their tools are clearly professional and will have respect for their skills, trade and most importantly your car. Gone of the days of greasy dirty workshops. If the workshop you go to is a filthy pigsty then maybe time to find another.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth about horror stories or success stories from your friends could save you time and $$$.

Still not sure who to turn to? Here’s a hint… will point you in the right direction.

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