Can I get my car serviced during Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown?

Posted by Super User | News | September 24, 2023
Can I get my car serviced during Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown?

Driving to and from your destination in your own car has never been more important during this uncertain time.

It limits social interaction and exposure to places which are prone to cross-contamination. It goes without saying, it’s imperative to ensure that your car is in good working condition at all times, in case you need to use it at short notice.

As every car owner is aware, having a trusted professional to service your car is the best way to achieve this,

…but there’s a lockdown.

What should you do if you still need your car serviced?

C-O-V-I-D Car Service Steps during COVID-19

Here are our C-O-V-I-D steps to get your car serviced during this COVID-19 pandemic:

C – Contact Workshop

Reach out to your trusted professional. If you are locked down and don’t have someone else you live with who could help, ask a trusted local for recommendations; or, do research online.

A Google search could do the job in providing you with a list of available workshops near your area. Go to CarMechanica. Enter your car make and your suburb or postcode, and details of the recommended mechanics like phone number, website, and star ratings will be provided to help you choose. A 1 to 5 rating, 5 being the highest, is a decent gauge on how a workshop operates.

O – Organise an Appointment

Organise a schedule for your car’s service.

You have to consider that workshops are also affected by the lockdown. They may remain open but some will have a skeletal workforce or limited hours of operation which will impact the usual booking process that you may be used to. 

Tip: List or make a mental note of your available dates and times for servicing ahead of time. The workshop may likely be unavailable on your desired date/s so having the list will help you determine the best match.  

V – Verify COVID-19 Measures

Your car getting serviced will mean it’s exposed to the outside world; cross-contamination is possible. We hope this doesn’t happen, but going the extra mile is not a bad idea during this pandemic.

Verify the workshop’s COVID-19 measures in ensuring compliance with the government’s regulations. What is the process or policy that the workshop implements to ensure that the workspace environment is safe for their employees and clients? For example, is sanitising your car part of their service?

Knowing details like these will not only help you understand the workshop’s action plans against COVID-19 but will also put your mind at ease knowing that extra measures are taken.

I – Inform Car Service Needs

Now, it’s your turn to give information.

Inform the workshop ahead of time of what your car needs servicing for. If it’s a scheduled or routine servicing, advise if there are additional services that the car needs. If it’s to fix your car, give clear and concise information about your car’s condition.

Discuss the pickup or drop-off process depending if the car is drivable by you or a family member. 

By setting proper expectations, you’re aiding the workshop to assess the time your car needs servicing for. This will not only help you manage your personal time but will also help the workshop with workforce management and other clients’ bookings.

Big or small, any help and information ahead of time going to be a good help.

D – Drive Responsibly

When the time for service comes, drive, or get a family member you’re locked down with if needed to drive your car to the workshop. When you get in your car, wipe down the steering wheel, door handles, gear stick and other areas as your car still has many surface areas that probably have not been sanitised since you went into lockdown. 

Practice health and safety protocols, and drive to essential destinations only. A newly serviced car is not a reason for unnecessary side-trip.

Getting your car serviced during this lockdown may be more challenging than usual, but it is possible if essential. Finding a trusted workshop will be the key to ensuring your trip outside and having your car serviced during this pandemic will be worth the drive. 

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