VAG 2.0L TFSI Oil Consumption

Posted by Super User | Tech Blog | September 24, 2023
VAG 2.0L TFSI Oil Consumption

The VAG (Volkswagen / Audi Group) 2.0L TFSI is one of the most popular in their range but also the engine with the most oil consumption problems.

VAG state that 500ml per 1000km is acceptable. But some of these engines are using well over 1000ml per 1000km and in some cases even more.

Why does this engine have such bad oil consumption?
Well, this engine was designed to be great on fuel. In the case of the 2.0L TFSI they use a small 1.5mm Piston oil control ring so there will be less drag on the engine when the piston goes up & down. Less drag = Less effort from the engine therefore less fuel used.

With the oil control ring being so small it is getting gummed up with carbon and failing to do its job properly, the oil control rings tend to break due to this as well causing even more oil consumption and lower cylinder compression.

They also make the cross hatch in the bore extremely vertical this done for speed and to reduce friction, another way to reduce fuel consumption. But this vertical cross hatch is actually helping the oil get past the oil control rings

The engines affected with the oil consumption issue are the 2.0L TFSI from around 2006 to Mid 2011 as changes to the pistons & rings where made in the factory form Mid 2011 onward.

If you are one of the lucky ones to get the dealer to fix your oil consumption problem under warranty, they will pull down your engine and replace the connecting rods & pistons with a superseded piston & connecting rod set. These new pistons have a 2.5mm oil control ring. They will also re-hone the bore to give it a more horizontal crosshatch. Once this is done the oil consumption will be dramatically reduced if not almost totally.

If you need to get this done and it cannot be covered under warranty, it will cost you anywhere upward of $8000.00

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